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enter the input parameter containing collection type

thota198 used Ask the Experts™
Hi  folks
               i have to set up the input parameter tht has collection type in it how can i enter the records in it
 for      i_quote_line_object_id IN cq_cbn_selection_tbl,
      the script of cq_cbn_selection_tbl is
       CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE DMADM.cq_cbn_selection_tbl IS TABLE OF cq_cbn_selection_obj
          the script for cq_cbn_selection_obj is
          CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE DMADM.cq_cbn_selection_obj AS OBJECT
                  (quote_line_object_id NUMBER, cbn_selection NUMBER)
        parameters for i_quote_line_object_id are
i_quote_line_object_id: {[3716374545, 0],[3716374538, 0],[3716374535, 1],[3716374534, 0]}

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since the solution was not complete in the link so i have to give grade B