Windows 7 Restore from a WBAdmin backup

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Hi all
After several years of using Experts Exchange as my most valuable source for I.T. knowledge, I finally need to ask a question.

I have set up a batch file that runs the following command nightly, D: being a USB backup disk that is swapped nightly with another such disk:
wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:D: -include:c:,f: -vssfull -quiet

These backups appear to work well. The reason I use them instead of the GUI-based schedule is becuase the GUI in windows 7 does not appear to allow additional external disks to be added to the backup "pool", as per server 2008 and will therefore only backup to the disk that was connected at the time the schedule was created.
However I have only just found out that the "wbadmin start recovery" command does not work in Windows 7.  

After much research I was able to determine that the application "WinMount" will open the VHD files created but I dont particularly want to have to supply it to my clients if there is a Windows built-in method.

So what I need to know is the official Microsoft way to restore from a wbadmin backup in Windows 7 Pro.  I have seen no mention of it anywhere after hours of searching.

Thanks in advance.
(P.S. These days I  install 3rd party backup software on Windows 7 systems)
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from the recovery console did you try
wbadmin get versions -backuptarget:<drive letter:>
from the output generated
wbadmin start recovery -version:<version from above> -itemtype:Volume -items:c:


Thanks very much for this advice. Hopefully this post will serve as a beacon to others that might be tempted to use windows 7's crippled wbadmin command.

Whilst I would have preferred to be able to recover files or folders, being able to restore a full volume, albeit difficult and inconvenient, is much better than no recovery at all.

Incidentally this is the warning that comes up when attempting to recover folders in the recovery environment:
Warning : File or application recovery is not supported in the Windows Pre-installation environment.

Thanks once again.

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