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Purposely empty the clipboard in Windows


Occasionally when copy/pasting a large amount of data, I am interrupted with an error message saying:

        "Cannot empty clipboard"

Is there any way in Windows (7) to force the clipboard to be emptied?  I know that another pop up that occurs infrequently is something saying that:

        "...there is a large amount of information on my clipboard..."

and offering me the option to save that or discard it.  

What I am looking for is any possible way to empty the clipboard purposely rather than only when the system gives me the option.

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Thanks for the response:

Regarding the link you provided, the actual instructions provided say to use the following:

        cmd /c “echo off | clip”

however, that is not effective -- but it is corrected in one of the comments to:

        cmd.exe /c echo off | clip

which is effective.

Summary for my own reference ( and anyone else who is interested):

1)  to create shortcut as desktop icon:  right-click desktop > new > enter the following:  cmd.exe /c echo off | clip > next > finish.  (Change name to Clear Clipboard prn)

2) to change the shortcut icon:  right-click Clear Clipboard icon > properties > change icon > enter the following:  %SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll > click browse > select desired icon > click OK
(note:  based on instructions, I clicked the browse button first then try to find %SystemRoot%\... but did not work.  Hence, enter the %SystemRoot%\... first then click browse)