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We have windows SBS 2003  32 bit server and I has just got some Windows 7 64 bit laptops, and I'm having trouble installing the 64 bit printer drivers of hp 2727 printer on the 32 bit SBS 2003 server.This win 2003 server is also our print server. I honestly say with other Printers I have no problem on windows 7 64 bit laptops.Ok Now.
I went to HP page and downloaded 64 bit version for this printer.I know that i cant install 64 bit version on the 32 bit OS.
Then i installed 64 version printer driver one of my win7 64 bit client like local printer,HP Driver setup created a folder name is Drivers ,I thought i can get .inf file and to use this on the 2003 server 32bit machine for 64 bit printer driver. Unfortunately no luck.I do not understand why? and how? get this.
I understand server 32 bit and driver 64 bit ,Of course this is imposible if we think PROCESSOR architecture.
But Should be one way I HOPE:)?
Pls give a Solution for that.
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First update the latest drivers on windows 2003 servers because the latest drivers have the details for windows 7 and then try connecting your laptop.


there is only 32bit driver on the windows 2003 server. do you mean update 32bit driver?
Remember that you will need to have same version for both x64 (64-bit) and x86 (32-bit) drivers. That way client PCs can download driver without requiring admin credentials.

Since you have a x86 server I would:

1. Install the Win2k3 server/XP x86 driver, verify that it works both on server and x86 client

2. On Win 7 x64 client, Click Start --> Administrative Tools --> Print Management

3. Connect to your print server, then right-click on your HP2727 printer and select Properties

4. Select Additional Drivers under Sharing tab.

5. As mentioned above, be sure to use exact same version for both x86 and x64 drivers, or you may start encountering spool service crashes soon after you try this

These changes may break connectivity by any users currently using older print drivers.
Yea update the driver 32 bit on the server , i agree with bigmack333: too make sure both drivers remain of similar version

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