Tiny mce html editor not working in safari browser in mac system

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Hello experts,

We have tiny mce html editor for CMS area and this editor is not working in safari browser in mac system. Can you please the way to get rigid of it.

Many thanks
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What version of Safari?  What version of tinyMCE?

I'd say use a different browser to acces tinyMce, like FireFox or Chrome. FireFox may be your best bet since it is powered by Gecko as opposed to WebKit.
There is a way in Safari to DISABLE Javascript (which will remove the TinyMCE editor as it uses javascript) on specific pages - unfortunately if there are other functions or features on the web page which require javascript these will also be disabled.

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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I got the solution.
It is not a great idea to DELETE if a solution was found.  Others may benefit from this solution in future.

Can dotsandcoms post a short message on what the solution was and it can be accepted as the solution with 0 points awarded.
I replace tiny mce html editor with ckeditor.

check below link for ckeditor demo and it's also working in safari.



we hv replaced the old editor with ck editor

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