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Excel Name Box is locked!

I cannot get into the Excel "name box" in the top left, where named ranged appear.
I used to be able to get in by simply double-clicking in it, but now I can't.  It appears to be locked.
How can I "unlock" this so I can get into it like I used to?

Thanks, --Andres
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press F3
go to View

then click on formula bar
check the image will show how to do
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ukerandi, the formula bar is visible (with the NameBox).  However, I cannot access it.

Thanks, --Andres
Try Developer tab, select Design Mode
chwong67, design mode in Developer tab didn't do it.  Thanks, though.

It's very strange...  the Name Box was working fine and now I'm locked out of it.  Very annoying.
Is this with all workbooks? Have you restarted excel? The only time I see the name box locked is if you are in edit mode or Excel is awaiting a response to something.
Hi rorya...  yes, I even rebooted the computer.  I'm thinking I'll need to re-install Excel to get rid of this problem.

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Rory Archibald
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WOW!!!!!  If I click on the VERY far left it works fine like you said.  If I click farther to the right it's "dead'.

You da man, rorya!   This was driving me nuts.  Thanks!!!!  --Andres