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Force Blackberry Sync


I have a BES installed on a clients server and the 4 users that use BES server with their Blackberries are stating that they are not getting emails to their phones when they arrive and their phones are not syncing.

I checked BES server and it all seems to be running fine. I could see in the user list that the devices had not synced for a while, is there any way to force the BES server to sync and resend all the emails and data without having to remove the devices and re-add?


Tahir Ahmed
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Lee Osborne
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On the devices, you could try turning the wireless sync off, waiting a few minutes and turning it back on again.

You could also try deleting the 'Desktop [CMIME]' service book and resend the service books from the BES.

I'm not sure why all 4 devices would stop working, but try the above and see what happens. Otherwise, the best thing to do would be to wipe one of the devices and re-activate it on the BES.

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Where do I turn off wireless sync and turn it back on?
I think it's the same on OS 5 and 6:

Message > Options > Email Reconcilitation > Wireless Reconcile: Uncheck > Save

Try restarting the BES Services, do it in this order

Stop Router, then Dispatcher, then controller, then all the others
Start router, then Dispatcher, then Controller, then all the others

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