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problem moving my documents folder to different drive

I'm having problems with a re-install of windows 7 professional desktop. I wish to have my data folders on a separate drive from the boot(C:) drive. I've had several attempts such as methods described within EE solutions eg change location of "my Documents" to D: and I get daft results. I currently have a D:users\keith\my documents folder which is also a D:\users\My Documents folder. The OS (sp1 loaded) seems to think that "keith" and "my documents" are the same name, object, folder etc even though the account and folder structures have been previously deleted to cure it. I suspect that some redirect garbage is hiding somewhere but I don't understand these new folder types. The reasons for the reinstall is that I am moving to an SSD boot drive, new mobo and I've lived with an XP to Win 7 installation using PC mover which was not to successful.
Not part of this question but I've also been unable to remove indexing from the boot drive, getting Access denied on files like flickanimation.avi.
I'm looking for the easiest way to sort this mess out. The Boot and Data drives were newly formatted. I could just start again but will I get the same problem?
Could someone help please?
Just to clarify my last attempt was to move "my documents" from C:\users\keith folder into D:\users\keith folder.
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from memory i think you need to change the registry key to make the default path d:\users.... google that
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Please note that it was googling for this info that got me into this mess.
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self answered
self answered
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actually you don't need to follow the c:\users* directory structure.. just right click on c:\users\fred\my documents select location and then set the 'directory' you wish it to be.
I didn't state or imply that one does need to follow that structure. I've found out more about this process and if requested I could submit an article.