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I have an SSRS report with a matrix is what you call it.. Anyway this is someone elses creation.. One of the rows has a word (expr) in it from a parameter.. When you print out the report it prints out in about 10 pages.. I only want that word(expr) to show on the first page.. How do I do this?
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Grouping is the solution to eliminate duplicates in the columns in Tablix. The value will be shown once in the grouping row and will be excluded from detailed rows.

Grouped data is all the detail data specified by a group expression after filters are applied to the dataset, data region, and the group. To organize detail data in groups, drag fields from the Report Data pane to the Grouping pane. When you add a group, Reporting Services automatically adds related rows or columns to the tablix data region on which to display grouped data. Cells in these rows or columns are associated with grouped data.

If you put the source code of your report here the further assistance could be provided.

Check this link on section "To hide static rows in a table, matrix, or list"


This is helpful but my tablix HAS to be based on page number or rownumber is fine..See screencast below.. If the page number(from the footer) is 1 then display else display nothing.. I cant change the grouping of this row or it messes up everything else.. The row hiding thing does not work.. I ONLY want the word PAGE to show on page 1..Unfortunately in a tablix you cant refer to the page number only in the header or footer.. Is there a way in the tablix to refer to a page number or row number..?? PLease dont give me a link to read just tell me the answer.. Thanks
Have you tried base your expression comparing the current value with the First row like this...


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