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I know many programming languages e.g. Delphi, Php, Visual Basic etc. but not Java.

I want to start developing Android applications that complete my solutions for Windows.
For example I have a storage management software that runs on Windows and the user would use the Android software to go to the store and edit / insert the numbers of the items.

To make it short I need directions (where to start, what to download, what books to buy,where to find examples etc.) to make Android applications that:

-have a visual interface (buttons, checkboxes, editboxes etc.)

-can connect to a MySql database through an Ip address (either using Internet connection or Wifi connection) and can execute queries, post data to server

Thank you

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I would way you should try Basic4Android. Watch the movie in this link you'll like it
Ephraim WangoyaSoftware Engineer


You can use eclipse, download the Android SDK

Look at this site for a simple tutorial
Here is where you can get details about android and download the SDK:

Also, here are the directions of how to install : Install

Now a bit about Android development:
1. You must develop in Java. The above links have directions on how to download and install the IDE (eclipse) and the JDK.

2. About learning and books: You can go through the guide here: Dev Guide and use the book "Android Application Development", published by O'Reilly
And if you have a pluralsight subscription, go through the awesome course they have on android dev.
SQLite is the Db which works locally on the phone.So for database connections, see this post, works like a charm :)

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Unfortunately I must connect to MySql database (and not SQLite). I read somewhere, that it is not easy to use a MySql database with Android, it can be done only with Php communication.

Is it true?
Well connecting to the DB directly from the mobile app is not advised.

The best way to do it is, write a web service in VB.NET (if you don't have one already :D ) or any other platform.
and then you can call the web service from inside the android application.

If you want to directly connect, it will be really really tricky and a not so optimal solution, as then you wont be able to do asynch operations and a lot more ..
and remember on a mobile device, the resources are far less than on a PC. :)

Read this post.
You can not connect Android to MySQL directly,

in the forum of my previously posted link has an example

have a look in here:
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