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I want to put the plus sign and the price in the square please.
Can someone help?
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One way is to rearrange your code like this:
<!--- use existing code to here --->

<div class="story">
	<div class="service_boxes">
		<div class="newitem">
			<span class="stitle">Onsite Diagnosis</span>

			<span class="description">We can come to your location and diagnose what is wrong with your computer or laptop.</span>
							<div class="priceandimg">
									<img  class="img" src="images/diagnosis_cross.png" alt="Diagnosis onsite" />
									<div class="price">&pound;20.00

			<div class="quickcontact">
<!-- balance of your code -->

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In reading Amick's response and your post, I'm not sure I understand the question.

On the link you gave us, the only possible thing I could interpret as a "square" is the blue div with quickcontact class (which by the way, only shows up as a rectangle in IE).

If you wanted plus sign and price to appear in there you would have to move the div with priceandimg class inside the quickcontact div like so, and adjust you CSS accordingly:

<div class="quickcontact">
<div class="priceandimg">
     <img  class="img" src="images/diagnosis_cross.png" alt="Diagnosis onsite" />
     <div class="price">&pound;20.00</div>
<div id="edgesline" class="edges"></div>

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