How can I replace CurDir() with my own address?

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I have a form which loads a list of files from a local folder. The directory is CurDir(). If I change it to anything else I get errors. I have attached the database. LoadLocalDir.accdb
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I assume you are changing the line ..
  Me.txtLocalDir = CurDir()

to use something other than CurDir()

  Me.txtLocalDir = "e:\myfolder"

So I think you would also need to change the line below , so that it includes your chosed folder.
 CTmp = Dir("*", vbDirectory)

To.. (i think)..
   CTmp = Dir (Me.txtLocalDir & "\*", vbDirectory)

I've only looked at the LoadLocalDir procedure.
You might have to do similar changes elsewhere.


I put in your suggestion and added db.Execute "delete from bzlocalDir" and it worked. Thanks.

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