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Good Morning,
I have a Windows SBS 2003 machine (this is a second one) but I dont really need a Windows SBS machine, I just need a stand alone server that does not need Active Directory, does not run DHCP, or DNS.
There will be no clients connected to this machine.

The only things I need are an FTP site, a backup solution, and VPN access to my primary SBS machine.

If I dont run any of the wizards, does an SBS machine behave like Server 2003 Std and will I receive errors in the event log?

-Thank you for your time
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

SBS has to be at the root of the domain and hold all of the FSMO Roles to be properly licensed.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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The SBS License REQUIRES it operate as the FSMO master DC in your domain.  You can only have ONE FSMO master DC in a domain.  This means you can have only one SBS server.  If you try having two, the one that doesn't hold the FSMO roles will shutdown periodically.

If you wanted a second server, you should buy server standard.


I suppose I wasn't very clear and I apologize.
These machines are not on the same network, I have two seperate networks, one with a fully functioning SBS machine and a new one I am just reloading.

I only need it to connect periodically with VPN to update virus definitions. And I plan to use it as an FTP server. Thats really it.
I have not yet run any Wizards on the new machine, so it is not yet a domain controller and does not have Active Directory installed.

My basic question was, will I be able to run without any wizards and what errors or problems might this cause?
Technology and Business Process Advisor
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Using the wizards doesn't impact your licensing status.  Using the wizards impacts stability.  If you want a stable system, you should use the wizards.  If you run it as a completely separate server, you're better off setting it up with the wizards and just not doing anything with the features.

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