Mail queue stucked in Hub Transport Server

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In our Customer have Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

Two Hub/CAS NLB mode & Two mailbox Server in CCR mode, all Servers are Windows Server 2008 SP2

Today I upgraded Windows SP1 to SP2 but Exchange still have SP1 Only.

After upgrading I am facing some challenges, mails are queue in MAPI delivery.

Note : I have McAfee Group shield  for Exchange in all Exchange Server , but i disable this Services but other McAfee Services are still enable.

Also when I tried to failover from one node to another out of 8 DB resorces, one resource got failed.

Please let me know what could be the reason & provide me the good solution to overcome this issues.

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Better to upgrade OS and Exchange to latest service packs. Make sure to take latest backup...follow below upgrade process

Edge/UM (If present)
Finally Mailbox role


That I alredy Planned it but I need at least 7 days time to take approval from Change Management process.

Is this is happened because of Windows SP2 upgrade or someting else.

Which would you suggest Exchange SP2 or SP3 with which Roll up.

I need temporary solution please.
When you say mails are stuck in MAPI delivery, you can try restarting the Information Store and check once.
After that increase the logging on Transport from Registry
HKLocalMachine\System\Current control set\ services\ MSExchangeTransport\Diagnostics

Increase the logging for Exchange Store driver to 7.
Increase the logging on all other components to 7.

See if you are getting something on unable to log on to the mailbox name and check the service responsible for unable to log on in the application logs.

Restart the ADTopology service.

All the above mentioned except increasing the logging on transport and checking event logs are only work arounds to see if we can get a temp solution.


Thanks for your feedback.

The problem got resolved after restarting the Mailbox Server, may be because of Information store.

But I just wanted to know how much McAfee Group shield for Exchange will effect the Mailflow in Exchange Server as we were facing some issues on mail flow & aftre disable the Service McAfee Groupshield for Exchange , mail flows are working fine.

There can be issues with that McAfee Group shield. There can be issues caused on an Exchange server due to other Antispam or Antivirus systems as well as they mess with the normal functionality of the Exchange server.

If you check the Get-TransportPipeline you will see where exactly the Antispam agent is triggerring.
If you probably take a pipeline tracing for a message at that point of time, we will see till what stage the message is reaching.

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