Can't add more than 1 recipient in Thunderbird 5 on Mac Snow Leopard

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1. Why is each new message's "To:" line squished vertically so that it's not tall enough in Thunderbird 5 (on Mac running Snow Leopard)?  When you first open a new message, the "To:" line is too short to even show it's "To:"  See image TB5 Mac  - no To line

        Where's the "To:" line?
2. Most importantly:  How do you add more than one recipient to a new message in Thunderbird 5 (on Mac running Snow Leopard)?  Expanding the header doesn't provide more room for new recipients & the tab key & enter keys if pressed in the To line take you to the Subject line.  See image TB5 Mac - squished To line - expanded header

 How do add more recipients?
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Solution: fix the userChrome.css file (in ~user/library/Thunderbird/profile.default/chrome). I had edited this file in TB4 because the To: lines took up too much space. Now in version 5 there wasn't enough room for a To: line. I had changed the #MsgHeadersToolbar to min-height: 70px in the userChrome.css. I eliminated that line in userChrome.css & problem gone.


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