Dell Power Edge Raid Array Issue

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     I have a friend of mine I'm trying to help but don't think there is much we can do.  He has a HP Server connected via SCSI to a Dell Power Vault using Power Edge Raid Controller.  He had a power outage and upon turning everything back on the LEDs on the drives are all green but the controller has long beeps and shows failed drives when you go into the Raid Bios.  There are 12 drives with two arrays of 6 drives.  Each array has 3 failed drives.  Is there any hope?  What's his best options?  He tried to rebuild the drives but it errors out.  
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The odds are that it is 99.9% recoverable (if the rebuild aborted before any I/O).  Dump event log info and as much details as you can.  Everything you mention is suspect, also, but don't take that in a bad way.  Each array having 3 failed drives is effectively a statistical impossibility, unless you had a power surge.   Internal micro fuse, or expander chip can take out a bunch of drives so they appear "failed".

Expect $5000 minimum for recovery, but realistically it is 4 figures for a lab.

Elaborate on the rebuild.  Be as detailed as possible.  You could very well have destroyed a lot of data if any soft-loop mapping occurred, and the controller lost metadata and it rebuilt the wrong way. This is possible, but low odds.  Just saying if it tried and quit, then you know it didn't hurt anything.

Where to go from here??? Event logs and details to assess the situation.   Other options are to hire a pro.

No matter what logs & details on the config, drive info, host O/S, controller make/model, chain of events.  Was this human error, kicking the power, or did you hear the loudest clap of thunder you ever heard in your life.  

Turn disks off until you have details but NOT until you get event logs, which may be volatile.  I can't give you any more without details.

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