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Dear Expert:

I would like to know what is best editor on Joomla to be able to copy & paste contents from Microsoft Word and keep the same format, like line height, etc...

I'm actually using JCE editor, but paragraph formatting is changing after paste respect the original formating in Word.

Any help will be welcome. Thank you.
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Carlos LlanosIT Manager
I was going to recommend JCE, but know that Microsoft throws in a lot of junk code...that's why it looks different after you import it...
ceditCKE and  JoomlaCK also good and comperehensive but achieving what you want is very unlikely.
So there isn't any solution for that I need ?
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Full feature recognition of Word from a web platform is not possible yet. Even MS own cloud office (Office 365) not capable to provide full feature of local Office. You need tailor some features and adapt according to your environment. Or use screen captures and insert as a picture into your joomla article where is essentials.
Carlos LlanosIT Manager
Just an idea here...

Save the word document as an html file.

Open the html file up in edit mode so you can copy all of the code.

Open up JCE's code view and paste the code of the html version of the word file.

*You are not going to get the fancy texts and all of that to show up on the browsers as there are only a specific set of texts that work on the web.  Unless of course you install a font plugin, like Google Fonts or something like that.
Problem is not Fonts, but paragraph properties (separation between lines, etc..).

I nead a user-friendly solution.
Carlos LlanosIT Manager

This might just be something you need to program in your template.css file.  

If you are looking for double-spaced lines or single-spaced lines then you need to adjust the line-height of the text.  For example:

p {

Open in new window

Check out this website to play around with the different line-heights.
But this is not what I want, because user could have any line-height on his Word document, or even he could have a paragraph with one line-height and another with a diferent line-height.

What I want is just to keep paragraph Word formatting when pasting contents from Microsoft Word.
Carlos LlanosIT Manager

I'm sorry, but I don't think that's possible yet.  It would be nice, I agree, but that's where web developers come in...
Thank you I understand.

Is there any editor which allows to change the line-height of a paragraph manually, but with a user interface (not html or css code) ?
Carlos LlanosIT Manager

That would be a great question.  As of this time, I haven't found one.

Maybe you should open up a new question with that as the header.
I have solved this by creating styles on the editor. Every style with a different line-height option.
I have found the solution for my own. However, experts give me some clues.

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