How do I create a Local Admin profile using Group Policy for my domain?

Shiv Saha
Shiv Saha used Ask the Experts™

I am new to Windows 2008 Server and Group Policy. I'd like to create a Local Admin user/profile for all my user's machines. Using that profile, I or any othe admin will be able to install software or do any other task that needs Administrative priviledges in my user's machine. Please let me know where and how should I create the GPO in my domain so that all our user's machine gets that profile upon login.

Also, if possible, please provide me the followings:

1. can you you please provide me a good link I can learn about Group Policy Objects.
2. Our company is new with less than 10 users. Do you have a list of most common practiced GPOs for small companies.


Thanks a lot in advance
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check this out
my suggestion for 10 users is keep it really simple
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Roaming profiles, folder redirection

Administrator should not be using roaming profiles, but folder redirection will provide the access to the data.

Make sure that all users are limited/restricted.Saying you only have 10 users does not shed light on the environment or how and what those users are supposed to do.

You can use GPO to push networked printers for which a windows server is a print server, etc.
Martin KühnSystem Administrator
You can use 'restricted groups' for your purpose. Just create a Domain Account which is member of eg. domain-Admins and put this one to restricted groups in a group called administrators. Be sure to put the 'administrator' and the existing domain admins in there as well, because otherwise these entires will be overwritten. Then connect the GPO to the OU your computers are in.
 Restricted groups

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