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Hello friends -

I have sudo access to a linux box.  My 'regular' user has the rights to shut down the application server.  So I applied my fixes and shut it down.  However, if I try to start it back up under my profile, I get a cannot use port 80 error.  No problelm, I have sudo rights.  However, if I try sudo sh I get a $JAVA_HOME not set error.  I cannot figure out how to set the java home for the root user from my level of access.  I'm very hesitant to open / change any files that belong to root with my user id, as I think that would probably fail out too.

In the meantime the application is down and the people that run the box proper are weekending.  

Can anyone help?  


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FYI for anyone who runs into this.  And I can look it up here the next time!

sude -E ./

Apparently sudo resets the environment variables, but you can overcome this with -E.



I found the answer before a solution was posted and I was very pleased with myself.  Nice!

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