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Hi, I use to be able to play something on the web, like youTube and once I put my cursor over the video, the Real Player logo would appear on the upper right corner of the video which would let me download it.  Now my Windows XP doesn't show that message any more.  In checking the troubleshooting on Real Player, it says to right click the video if you don't see it but when I did I find that Adobe Flash Player seems to be in control now and not Real Player.

Can someone tell me how I can get Real Player back?
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Adobe Flash Player thinks it is now the default for playing video.

Assuming you still have real player on your windows xp box, then go to any folder (e.g., My Documents) and click on Tools and then Folder Options.

Once in the folder options dialog box, choose the "File Types" tab. Then go to the extension for whatever type of file you are interested in (e.g, MP4), then click the "Change" Button below.

This will bring up another window where you can set the default player to Real Player instead of Adobe Flash Player.

If you don't have Real Player anymore, you can also download it and when it asks if it should be the default player, say yes.

Hope this helps.

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