transfer WSUS from 2003 server to 2008 server

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     I need to transfer WSUS from a 2003 server to a 2008 server.  I see that there are a few ways to do this. create a replica then turn it into a stand alone, or manually copy updates over using robocopy ect.. What is the best way to have this done?


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This might help.


Also i have attached a .bat file you can apply using group policy that will rest the WSUS client ID.

Just create a group policy and add this script as a startup policy.


Hope this helps.
thanks for the info, but a coworker has already installed WSUS on the new server
 should i start at step 6?
and just manually robocopy over the updates?

I'm not completely sure if just robocopy will work. Here is an another site that details backup of the updates. I would be more incline to do this.

Let me know how you get on.
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The simple thing is to make the 2008 WSUS a replica of the 2003 which will get all the approved updates and the groups you have defined down.

You would need to use the wsustool to export the autoapproval rules you may have setup on the 2003 and then import them into the 2008 instance once the data has been transferred and the windows 2008 instance has been change to get the updates from MS.
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Honestly I just started over. Recreate any target groups and automatic update rules. I use a DNS cname alias to point to my update server, and then just point that to the new WSUS server so no client settings need to be changed. You can also just change the clients to point to the new server via group policy. The new WSUS server will download any needed updates. You don't need to carry forward all of the obsolete updates that have been superceeded. My new WSUS server has a much smaller update storage footprint compared to my old server.


thank you very much.  i set it up as a replica, and it worked.  i gave skiman the most points because he was first


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