common email account in Outlook 2007?

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Is there a way more than one user can use and access the same email account? In our department there is a need to use  one email address like that several people can look at and answer.  I want that to be viewable by all and actionable by all so that each of us can see the emails in the in box, out box, sent box, deleted box, etc...  How to do that with Outlook 2007?  

We use Exchange on a SBS 2007 and each of us have workstations with network logins, running Outlook 2007 .ost files.
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Yes, you can do that.  How it works with Exchange is a small question in my mind but I can't imagine that it's any different.

First, you set up the account on each of the computers that you want to share the account.

Second, you set up the account to "leave a copy of messages on the server" on EVERY computer using the account.

That's all there is to it.

Yet, this may cause one difficulty:  The SENT mail will normally only reside on the sending computer.  
So, if you want to see *all* the sent mail from any computer then something has to be done.

One way is to:
-  automatically send copies to the same address - this is set up on every computer.
- filter incoming email such that anything coming from that same address goes into a new SENTBYUS folder... something like that.  Also on every computer.

The first part is easy.  The second part about Sent mail is a bit more tedious of course so you'd only do that if it's important.  It works nicely for small offices with few computers.


Thanks for that input.

Can we talk specifically about Exchange? I think there must be some way to have users share the common email account?  All mail is stored on the Exchange server, so we should be able to see all sent and received emails.
Perhaps.  I don't know if the Exchange server acts like a pop server or IMAP.  
If it's a pop server then I don't think you can see the sent mails .. but maybe.
If it's an IMAP server then more likely yes.
But that's as far as I dare suggest.....
Exchange does support IMAP4 and it will be your best solution to your problem. IMAP will not download the messages on the user's computer, the messages will reside on the server and every user can access them. This will take care of Sent Mail synchronisation too ..
You can refer to this link for setting up IMAP on your Exchange server if its not already set up ..

(Googled Exchange IMAP configuration  and found the page does look helpful for setting up IMAP on Exchange server )

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