Server 2008 and Windows 7 Domain won't connect

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I'm trying to setup a test network consisting of server 2008 and a windows 7 machine.  Please bare with me, as I'm a first time user of this combination.  

My server is configured with Active Directory Domain Services, DHCP Server, DNS Server and File Services.  I have assigned an IP address to the server (,, and

The workstation is configured for DHCP, so when I try to join the domain, it get this msg

An Active Directory Domian Controller for the domain " could not be contacted.

Any thoughts and Thank You
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Make sure you can ping the domain controller you're trying to join from the workstation.

Are you able to resolve the name as well? It's possible the workstation is not properly resolving to the DNS server hosted on the domain controller.

Let us know what you find out.
Follow-up question, besides the localhost IP (, is there a specific reason why the server has two additional IPs?


I can ping the server but not the domain control (


what should I be using for ip, subnet, default and dns address for a test server?  Where did you find 2 additional ip addresses?
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Put the actual IP address of the server for the primary DNS server the TCP\IP settings you should not put

Second check the DHCP server settings to make sure the client is getting the server's IP address for primary DNS.

Do ipconfig /all on the client check the DNS settings

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