GP blocking scanning to shared folder and CIFS

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Hi Experts,

This seems to me as a GP issue, please advise which policy settings I can check. Thank You!

I have a Canon iR4570 copier, which is configured to scan to the 2003 Windows Server shared folder - that's working fine.

However, I can't set it up to scan to another Shared Folder which is on another 2008 Server that we have. If I try to set-up the locate in the Address Book, and then scan, it shows up an error message saying "sending" > "resending" > no response.

If I try to browse to the Shared Folder manually through the Scanner, I see the 2008 server name, but when I click on it, it displays: "No response from the server. Check the settings." If I try to browse to the 2003 server, it prompts for login, but no prompts if I try browsing to 2008 server.

I can't figure out why it would scan fine to 2003 server, but not our 2nd 2008 server. Both seem to be replicating fine in a domain, all firewalls are disabled, and I can ping the 2008 server from the Canon copier.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
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The issue is less with a GP and more to do with whether the advanced firewall rules along with whether the file sharing settings on the 2008 have been relaxed for the cannon samba connection to get established.

get wireshark formerly ethereal from  and see what happens to the traffic originating from the printer destined for this 2008 server.
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Although the firewall is off, network discovery and file sharing are not turned on at the server site, I suppose. Turn those on at network and sharing center and retry.
On W2k8 perform the following activity:
(1)Disable the firewall completely (For testing purpose)

(2) Add the "Canon iR4570 copier" in "ACT as part of OS" on W2K8 local policy


Enabling the "network discover and file sharing" in the "Network and Sharing Center" did the trick!

Also the Canon copiers and workstations were in Class B subnet, and I had to switch them to Class C for CIFS to fully work.

Thank you very much!

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