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configure wifi on ubuntu

tmonteit used Ask the Experts™
how do I get ubuntu to recognize an internal wifi on a Dell 1150 laptop?
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Depends on the adapter used. Most adapters are automatically recognized and usable, just make sure it is switched on (either via function keys or small switch on the laptop). If it still isn't recognized, even though it is turned on, look for a tool called "Hardware Drivers" or "Additional Drivers". This will then look for legacy drivers for the interface.


I still dont get it...  how do I know what adapter is used?  step by step please.
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You usually don't need to know as it normally is plug'n'play. If it isn't, you would have to find out what adapter is in your PC by opening the cover to the adapter and looking at it's labels, if that isn't already listed somewhere on a label under the PC itself or maybe on the invoice that you got with the PC. Sometimes you can also find out if you enter the service tag of the PC when you visit the Dell support site. The drivers should then get reduced to what was delivered with the PC (this won't always work, particularly not for wireless Cards).
first you have to know wich wifi card is installed on your laptop:
on an Ubuntu terminal type

# lspci

and post the result here.

Next you have to find the wifi driver based on the former information.