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In my primary AD site, I have 4 Exchange 2007 Hub Transport servers. One of them needs to go offline for a couple of hours whilst it's moved to another part of the computer room.

Unfortunately, we are a 24/7 operation.

When I power down the Hub Transport, I need to ensure that are no messages in the queue.

Does anyone know the best process for this? If I randomly check the queues of our Hubs they sometimes do have messages in the queue, not a lot, but a couple, then drop to zero, then up again, really depends on how busy we are.

Is there any way to stop mails coming into the HT but let it process the ones in there? I was thinking of perhaps Pausing the Transport service, but I guess this will prevent it processing and sending messages in the queue too.

Or, when a HT server is rebooted/ shut down, does it flush the queues anyway?
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You can pause the transport service, it will not accept any new connections but will process the existing messages in the queue.


Great, to confirm, Pausing will stop new connections but process out the existing ones?
yes, that is correct. Pausing will just process the ones in the queue but will not accept any new inbound connections.
Once paused, make sure that the queue viewer shows 0 messages in it and then stop the Transport service from services console and it is ready to be moved.
yes that is correct..

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