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Sean Meyer
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Trying to print to a Panasonic DP-150fx from windows XP.

I have a Pro USB parralel converter and the drivers installed to control printer and converter.  When I plug in the printer it gives the usb connect sound but I don't see it in device manager.  

I see the following in device manager --

USB Printing Support

Location 0 (IEEE-1284 Controller)

This device is working properly.

I just can't find any way to get it to print.
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i suggest to use a pci card instead of an usb converter :
that always works,
The DP150 is a GDI printer. GDI printers have very little built-in intelligence and rely on the Windows graphics engine to convert the page into dots on the page. These printers are notoriously hard to connect if you don't use the built-in interface.

For that reason I suspect that the best way to go is to use a parallel port on the PC. If the PC does not have a parallel port, buy a PCI card as nobus suggested.
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and Consultant

Try this :
Control panel > Printers and faxes > Add printer > Click next 2 times to detect it automatically
If it wasn't found  click next and see if you can find the right port in the list
If not proceed with the nearest port and then click "have disk" in next window and select the drivers again.
If this didn't work there isn't any other way but the 2 above solutions.

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