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I am creating a webpage with many dialog boxes, tables and all.

when I maximize the page I should be able to see everything.
When I miniize the size of the page to a small size, I am looking at my page displayed to change the sizes of the text and images accordingly.
That is I am looking at having the same view of the page even I maximize (or) reduce the size of the window.

How can I achieve this? what are the things that are involved in achieving this.
let me know if I am not clear
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Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application Programmer

Basically if you want the page content adjusted to the container (i.e. browse window) size, you should specify the dimensions and positioning using percentages instead of fixed units.

Following tutorial explains one such scenario.


Thanks for the response.
How can I achieve the same with JQUERY?
I have a resizes done using JQUERY UI and I changed the size of the window..How can I still maintain this ...I understand for HTML we can use %...
Web Application Programmer
AFAIK you can use % in JQuery for positioning and dimensions.

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