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I have 3 computers and Quickbook on each one of them. But when I create an invoice on computer #1 I don't find it on computer #2 or #3 etc...

Does anybody know how I could manage that. Thanks

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The basic idea is this:

Select one of the computers (or even a separate computer) as the "database store/server"
Point each of the computers where Quickbooks is installed to the QBW file on the designated "server" computer.  (The designated computer does not have to have a server operating system -Win7, XP or even Vista will do)
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If you don't wish to use a server, select the one computer above, and in QuickBooks go to File -> Utilities > Host Multiuser Access.

Then on the other computers, map a folder on the first computer so that in Windows Explorer, you can see the company ledger on the main computer. Then open QuickBooks and navigate to the file and open it.

If you have a server, please use it. From your QB Install CD, install the Server Manager only on the server. Copy the ledger (company file) to the server on the same physical drive as the Server Manager.

In this latter case, go to each QuickBooks computer and turn Host Multiuser Access OFF. Make sure each computer can map to the folder on the server and then open the ledger in QuickBooks.

Whichever way you use, the first computer to open QuickBooks will have to switch to multi user mode so that others can open the same file. Multi User Mode is NOT Host Multiuser Access.

Let us know if you have any questions. ... Thinkpads_User

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