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hi guys
I have a web application. I want to run this application in my mobile device. I am testing my application on iphone ios and android.
What steps should be taken to convert the web application into a mobile application?
I am using flashbuilder 4.5.

I see there is a lot of mobile api support provided with flashbuilder 4.5 like iconitemrenderer, ect
for creating new mobile applications.
But my problem is i want to make my existing web appliacation compatible on my iphone and want it to be available as an app

Also will the compatibility change when i move from iphone to android ?


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You cannot directly use the existing 4.1 application to work on a device. You'll have to target 4.5 sdk and also change lots of API's for it to work in the mobile platform --

For an example --
1. You will have to use views.
2. You'll have to change the root application tag to some other tag like ViewNavigatorApplication.

Also the mobile skins have to be used otherwise the performance of your application will be very slow. There will be some components as well which will bother you if you use the existing application on your mobile. In 4.5 Adobe has created some components like list, which are dedicated to mobile framework so that they perform well. Mobile is very different from web which means it is always better to redesign your web app to make it work on a device. The resources avaialble on a device are minimal therefore you should try to use as much efficient libraries as possible.

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