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I have a networked hard drive that was configured for our network by a previous admin. I have now come in and changed everything, but he failed to tell me that the networked drive was set up with a static IP from the device. From what i read, the only way to reset the IP settings are to press a button on the drive, however, I am a remote admin out of the office.

The drive's IP is and the server's address is and Is there ANY way I can access the device with the different IP addresses so I can reset it?
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If there is a computer that you can access remotely then you might do this:

1) ADD an IP address to its current NIC that matches the subnet of the drive.  Leave the gateway address blank.

2) Access the drive from this computer and change the IP address.


I am accessing the computer remotely, but first, I do not know the exact subnet, but could probably guess. Second, how do I ADD an IP address? I thought I could only change it, but if I do that, I lock myself out of remote access.
Go to the NIC Properties / TCP/IP / Advanced
Under IP settings / IP address you can "ADD" an IP address.

Also known as "router on a stick"....

This won't change the gateway.

Then you should be able to talk to the printer.  
I'm not sure how much the subnet will matter as long as you have both addresses in the range you specify with the subnet mask.  It probably won't matter.


And you are sure that by doing this I won't lock myself out?


Followed your advise and it worked flawlessly. Thanks!!!
I'm glad it worked out!  Thanks.

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