Cannot delete the tabs in a doc, is this protected form fields?

Heidi_Lee used Ask the Experts™
When I type in the fields in the doc attached, the column on the right will be moved to the right causing misalignment.

I tried to delete the tabs but it seems protected. Is this protected form fields? Is it possible to deactivate it?

How to deactivate it in Word 2010, and Word 2003?

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This document is protected except for the fields that you fill in. You navigate from one field to another using the tab key! The author is Joe Kamin - he should be able to help you!
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that's very bad form design. There should be only one tab and a tab stop for the second column of info. But that's not the only thing that's badly designed in this doc. If you can't get ahold of Joe Kamin, try the first word of the logo for the password ...

cheers, teylyn

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