Private hearbeat in SQL(2005) cluster(W2K3 OS) in unreachable.

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Hello there,

We have set-up 2 node active/passive SQL cluster on W2K3 OS. The private heartbeat between them is unreachable.
That is nodes cannot communicate on the private network to each other. The status of Private network is showing as connected and there is no error in the HP NIC card in the device manager.

Attached is the screenshot for your reference.

Please advise. Screeenshot
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did you change the password of the cluster service account recently? If you did this and restarted the cluster service on one of the nodes you may face this error. You should restart the cluster service on both nodes.
When I hear the term "heartbeat" monitoring the first thing that comes to mind is ICMP echo (ping). To prevent from port scanners (that use Ping) to scan for active computers, ICMP echo is often blocked by software firewalls. I know it is within Windows firewall.

Since SQL seems to be working, BUT the heartbeat monitor is not, I would assume some ports are blocked while others are not.

Sounds like a software firewall to me...

Exceptions for local traffic may need to be made on the software firewall. Two I can think of for local computers.

1) File and Print Sharing (Netbios / CIFS / SMB shares)
2) ICMP Echo (Ping)


There was an issue with one of the switches in the VLAN (where the private network IP Address was)  was not turned off. Turning on resolved the issue.

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