error  and need help for making dictionary for andoird

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Hello all,

I am trying to make a simple offline dictionary for Android. I have a problem when copying my database TestData.db from android asset folder into /data/data/package name/databases/ in emulator. When I use java io to copy file there is some error in LogCat here is the error:
error1.jpg is attached

Here is the error in emulator:
When I check the File Explorer in eclipse in /data/data/package name/databases/ the TestData.db has copy but the size is 0 bytes. Shouldly the file size is 3,257,344 bytes.
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according to this

you get your db open and then you're trying to copy over it from assets - which I reckon fails with IOException


That for helping me, but it is still not working
what does it do now? could you comment out all the code and leave only copying part?


thanks for try

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