Have multiple users access the one virtual machine via vmware view v4.6 ...

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Hi Experts,

I have just finished configuring vmware view, so i am still new playing with it.

Just curious, when i assign a user to a desktop. So they can access it remotely. Is there a way to have multiple users login to a virtual machine (not at the same time of course), like this i dont need to create a virtual machine for every user.

Thanks in advance :)

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It depends on how you've setup the Desktop Pool User Assignment.

If you selected Dedidicated, each user is assigned their own personal computer. If you set to Floating a user is assigned to any desktop.

There is a good setup walkthrough here, Paul's walthrough is for 4.5, but 4.6 is very similar.

a virtual machine if its on the domain any domain member can use the vm
all vmware solutions are ad and domain able

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