Multiple USB drives sharing a drive letter in server 2008

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Hi Everyone.

I am running server 2008 R2 and i have a share set up to point to a drive which docks into its proprietary holder.  using diskmgmt.msc i am able to assign H: to each disk as i insert it, but it does not remember the previous disks.  It overwrites the driveID in LOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\MOUNTEDDEVICES

NOW, before you tell me "Its not possible etc...." i HAVE had this working before.  and i can CURRENTLY, get all 4 drives, to share G:, but when i change the binary in \MOUNTEDDEVICES\ and swap G: with H:, it STILL keeps assigning a new drive letter.

To Summarize (keep in mind only 1 disk will ever be inserted at any time)

i CAN get all 4 disks, to share the G: assignment
i CANNOT get all 4 disks to share the H: assignment

Before you tell me to just accept G: and re-share it as my share, i want to crack this and know why i cant do it with H:

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Please accept my apologies for the delay.   I have been using this background service now for over a month and it works absolutely fantastic.  I was skeptical of installing 3rd party software for this but it's completely silent in the background and does exactly what it should do.  No conflicts or anything.. Thanks!!

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