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symantec backup exec 2010 job failing

Hi all,

i have windows 2008 Ent SP2, symantec backup exec 2010 R2 with all the patches installed. the problem i am facing is that my weekly backup is failing with error E00081D9  i am not using AOFO. what happen is the backup starts after some times it crashes and the backup status shows recovered. and also the service of backup exec stops.

Also i am attaching the job log file.
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Glenn Abelson
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From Symantec website:

To resolve this issue, open the Windows Task Manager and verify that there is only one instance of the BENGINE.EXE running under the Processes.  If so, perform the following steps:

1) Stop the Backup Exec Services.
2) In Task Manager, end the process tree for the BENGINE.EXE that is still running.
3) Start the services.

Please note:  If the backup was originally targeted to a Backup to disk (B2D) folder, this folder may need to be recreated.
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Please create a separate  backup job and new selection list.

also appears that there's a timeout issue here.

uninstall the backup agents on the server your 2008 Ent, and reinstall it;

appears this server is also an exchange 2010 server.

can you check your backup job on using the open files systems, configure it to use vss only.

check the vss status on your servers.
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@glenn_1984: i have checked that already. there is only 1 instance of BENGINE.EXE.

@S00007359: i dont have exchange 2010, we have exchange 2007 and only console is installed on this server.
i have disabled AOFO in the backup.

uninstall the backup agents on all the 2008 servers?
If you have read the various tech notes about this issue and not found the solution --- years of trouble shoots invariably requires one to resort to removing the software, putting back just enough to test, add one agent test again, etc.

While more time consuming than a single fix -- if that fix works - ultimately it is less time consuming than trying many fixes, none of which work.
@ shahzebasif, How many server 2008 u have. can you create two jobs and split the jobs accross. this way you'll be able to trace the failign server!
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thanks all for the help