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Installing SBS 2008 to Dell Poweredge T300

Hi, a client has asked me to swop their aging server for a PE T300 which is a couple of years old.

The server has 3 x 500GB SATA hot swop drives which appear to be in a RAID 5 configuration.

It's loaded with Server 2008 Standard but no-one knows the password. There are only 6 users so I would like to put on SBS 2008 for them.

Anyway, before they shell out for a retail version of SBS 2008 I am testing it today using a trial version burnt onto DVD.

However, whereas I'd like to boot from the DVD, that's not showing as an option omly floppy, HDD and embedded NIC.

How do I set it to boot from the DVD drive?

Thanks for any pointers.
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OK, SATA was turned off in the PE setup. Now booting ok.
I'm looking at the Dell site for set up details. Can anyone suggest any good resources of setting up a T300 with SBS 2008.
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Generally you just need the Dell bootup DVD (I think it's called OpenManage), and there you should have all the steps to setup the array and then when it's ready for setting up the OS it'll ask for the DVD.
Thanks Rindi, I'll also need the RAID drivers to get to that position.
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