Range Edits: Using cursor to edit formula, not to select cells

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Whenever I want to edit a formula, having clicked anywhere in the sheet accidentally, the cell reference is included in the formula, and using the cursor only changes that reference instead of allowing me to edit the plain text. How do I get back to "edit the formula text only" mode?

It is even worse when trying to edit named ranges by using the cursor, since the "cursor selects range" mode is active immediately ...

That is driving me nuts each time.
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By pressing F2
A good practice is to use the Enter key to enter a formula or anything else in a cell. Clicking anywhere else in the sheet is a highly unreliable method and you might end up with incorrect entries without you knowing it.

While typing entries there are two modes: the formula mode and the text mode. You can toggle between the two modes using the F2 key.

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That was exactly what I have been after. I knew it had to be something simple ... Thanks, you might have saved my sanity.

Of course I prefer editing myself (text mode) over clicking into the grid most of the time, but sometimes I'm stupid enough to think clicking into a cell allows me to view the formula contained :(

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