Controlling Windows Printing

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I'm using the windows printer drivers, obviously, in all the printing functions of my applications. Although I have no idea on how to control the printing errors. I  mean that after sending a print request to a spooler I can not control if the printing ended susccessfully or not. Is there any way to know if the printin request  actually concluded?
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JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure Manager

you could check your event viewer



What would be the VFoxPro function to access the event viewer. Wil it work on Windows Server and windows 7 or XP?
The way proposed by Microsoft is implemented in Windows already...

What Windows does when you print the test page from the Printer options dialog?

Yes, it will ask "Did the test page printed correctly?"

And you have to do it same way because no other safe and reliable process exists... The best event viewer is the user himself.

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