Where i can find mnemonics for C++ language ?

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Where i can find mnemonics for C++ language , so that it will be helpful to remember for a long time ?

oop concepts (Remember for a long time)

Give me some mnemonics for C++ ...
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The best way to remember language features/concepts, is to use them frequently. Practice makes perfect :)

There is no shortcut.
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As I8 has already said, there is no shortcut -- you need to use the language frequently and eventually things will start to stick in memory. Meanwhile, if you need to refer to a handy reference (we all do, none of us have perfect memories) the Cplusplus online website is pretty much as good and as useful as it gets.


The CProgramming site provides a handy reference too.


As is Cpp Reference


I also recommend you take time to read Herb Sutters Guru of the week.

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As informed by "Infinity08"
Kindly go with the following:
1. Practice makes perfect
2. Remember
3. Always study and practice should never end.

For example:
I searched the following in google.com

cpp tutorial file:pdf

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