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I have just installed SBS 2011 at a customer site. Microsoft says that Backup will not consume much space, since it is incremental. Default schedule is 2 times a day, but as far as I can see, the incremental backup is only of the data disk (if customer has two or more volumes). This meens that if you follow the standard settings, you will have two full backups each day of the system disk, which will consume around 60 GB each day and fill up a 1 T B disk in 16 days.

Any ideas what to do about it. I persume you don't need a full backup of the system disk twice a day.


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windows server backup is not a fully features backup system so dont expect too much from it. you need proper backup software really.

the backup initially takes a full backup of the OS disk and any additional disks you select (unless you select 'entire server')
each later backup assesses changes and backups up the changes only. it automatically deletes old backups when the disk is full if you are using rhe backup wizard.

windows backup cannot be used to perform backups of specific drives or folders. OS is included in every backup.


Agrea - Microsoft backup is not a full functional backup, but in some cases it's ok

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