Windows 7 PC Headset?

Mark Volz
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Hi all.  I was shopping for a new PC and it is going to have Windows 7 professional 64bit pre installed.  Well I focused so much on researching the PC that I wanted; that I completely forgot to check the compatibility of my beloved head-phone-set.

I have a Plantronics Audio 400 (the one with a build-in sound adapter card) that I really like.  I have used it with WinXP and Win-Vista, but the Win7 compatibility website says that it is not compatible with Win7.  

So, I am looking for a new pair.  My requirements

- Budget... about 40 dollars at maximum.
- Comparability... Win7 64Bit
- Comfort... I wear eye glasses and spent 6-10 hours using head-phone- set per day.
- Plug n, play capability
- I prefer a USB connection or at least and adapter plug option
- Quality or durability… something that is not going to break after 6+ months of reasonable use.

I have looked at the Logitech USB Headset H530.  I found it on for $37, and was all set to buy it, but then read some nasty reviews on the official Logitech website.  So, I decided to check here for opinions about the Logitech USB Headset H530 and hear other possible options.

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Have you tired to install the device with Vista drivers?

Give it a try.


I did not revive the computer yet... I am trying to minimize possible headaches for when I do get it.
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i suggest to test it on a W7 pc - you sure have one around where you can test it?
or in a pc shop



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