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Currently I am working as windows system administrator, Should I go for ITIL to enhance my career. or just concentrate more on technical skills.
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I can only answer that from the point of view of someone has been struggling with the same decision for a year or so now.  (I've consume the Kool-aid, and have accepted that ITIL can be a valuable tool when used correctly by an IT organization.)  What I've decided for me is that everyone who works in any, even roughly technical field should be certified to at least the Foundation level.  That gives the introduction which includes terminology and an overview of methodology.  At least at that point you can hold a meaningful conversation with architects and system designers (who tend to be consultants) who preach ITIL.  Realistically, it would seem that all IT has buy into ITIL to make it work and get the benefits.

That said, if my impression is correct, having the ITIL Foundation cert on your resume can only help you.  You aren't an expert, but are grounded in the fundamentals -- with your technical skills that only makes you more valuable to any IT organization integrating ITIL into their IT shop.

The experts (folks who have mastered the four or five intermediate areas and passed the expert level exam) that I've ever met have all moved away from doing real technical work.  They are either process consultants or trainers.  (I suspect my polling sample is biased though... surely there are ITIL "High Priests" employed by large organizations as well.  I just don't have occasion to meet them.)

To add to the previous comment:
If your plan is to stay with your current company and you are going to be the only one preaching ITIL there then learning ITIL won't do much for your career unless you have incredible influencing skills.
If your company is embracing ITIL (which does not seem to be the case judging from your question) then you should have already been encouraged by management to do ITIL foundation
If you are looking for a new employment opportunity then certainly this extra piece of knowledge would not hurt considering that it is generic enough in comparison to a particular technical skill.

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