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Currently I am working as windows system administrator, Should I go for ITIL to enhance my career. or just concentrate more on technical skills.
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Learn PowerShell since that is going to be the industry standard for managing Windows Systems as well as a plethora of other technologies.  VMWare can now be managed with PowerShell and Cisco is also adopting it as a standard.  All future Microsoft products will have it.

I am ITIL certified and get nothing out of it.Other's mileage may vary on its usefulness, but as far as I am concerned unless you want to switch to be an ITIL only expert there are much better things for you to learn.
Education never hurts (unless you are strictly looking at a pocket book).  With that, ITIL cert is nothing but a talking point in my sector as well.   Whatever advice you are given and choose to take, know that certifications might get you an interview, but your applicable skills will get the job (and/or at least help you keep it).   As a SysAd, you will be better served concentrating on your tech skills.  If you want to move towards management, ITIL will help you with understanding one specific approach philosophy.