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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to join two tables together where:

- pull all information from table 1
- pull added information from table 2, if it exists (combine like table1.id = table2.id)

I tried using join (left, right, inner, outer, etc.) but no luck.
Table: seller

- id - user_id -
- 1  -   50    -
- 2  -   53    -
- 3  -   67    -

Table: user

- id - username - email             -
- 1  - jdoe     - jdoe@gmail.com    -


- 50 - suprman  - suprman@gmail.com -
- 51 - wndrwmn  - wndrwm@gmail.com  -

Desired Output:

Pull all data from "user" table and include "seller" data, if user.id = user_id exists.

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I think you only want a user to be returned if there's also seller data available for that user? In that case use an inner join (just JOIN or INNER JOIN and not LEFT JOIN or RIGHT JOIN).
So you'd get:

SELECT * FROM user u JOIN seller s ON u.id=s.user_id;

If you want a resultrow for every single user no matter if it exists in the seller table too, then use an OUTER JOIN instead:

SELECT * FROM user u LEFT JOIN seller s ON u.id=s.user_id;

In the latter case you'll get NULL values for the seller columns in your result if the user doesn't exist in the seller table.
You can also use this syntax:

FROM user u, seller s
WHERE u.id = s.user_id;

Hope it helps.



the second query was what i was looking for =)

when i get the results, how would i rename s.user_id to IS_SELLER so it's more meaningful?


SELECT u.id AS user_id, u.username, s.user_id AS is_seller FROM

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