MS - InstallSHield - how to disable Text Edit field?

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In InstallShield MSI in somce dialog I have test edit field

How to disable and enable it?

 config URI
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

I think you have to go into the InstallShield Studio (can't remember the exact name)..  But, you have to get in to the tool that edits the 64-bit installer to change the dialog..

This may also prove helpful too - Command-Line Options




InstallShield  Studio is called "InstallShield" ...

I need to disable Text Edit field one I press on radio button "site URI" and enable it when pressing "Your URI".

This is needed to be done in InstallShield script and not from command line.
You can follow the below steps to enable or disable controls in a dialog based on your radio button selection

Get status of the radio button to see whether selected or not
      CtrlGetState ( szDialogName, nOptionCtrl1 );
Get the handle of the dialog window
      hwndDlg = CmdGetHwndDlg(szDialogName);
Use following method to enable or disable the controls in the dialog using 3rd parameter to TRUE/FALSE
      _WinSubEnableControl(hwndDlg, nEditCtrl1, TRUE);

Hope this works.


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