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Backup Exec Secondary Login for Accounting Mgr

Tony Giangreco
Tony Giangreco used Ask the Experts™
I'm planning the migration from a Netware 6.5 server to a Windows 2008 server. Backup Exec runs on the Netware server and I plan to use BE 2010 on the Windows server. Currently, I have a BE client installed on a Win XP PC so the accounting manager can easily see if the nightly backup completed properly.

Does BE 2010 include a client that be installed on a workstation that communicates with the media server for job inquiry purposes?
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You could use the Backup Exec email report, informs you of the same thing.
Network Engineer
You can run the same Backup Exec installation on the workstation and it will install just the console software which can be used for configuration, reporting, etc.


I'm planning the installation and will use this information at that time. Thanks!