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I have a database (please see attached), it has two tables ('Main' and 'Submain') and it has a layout 'Main Layout' based of the 'Main' table. On the layout there is a button that allows the user to move the records found in 'Main' into 'Submain' table using a script ('Move Records From Main To SubMain'). The script opens in a new related window and starts by going into the first record of 'Main' and copies each one of the fields into variables, then it goes into 'Submain' Table and sets the fields with the variables previously defined. I used freeze window, but what I really want is to hide all the steps from the users eyes and allow them to see a progress bar to let them know that the system is doing something and possible tell them the total number of records being worked on and the remaining records that need to be worked on.
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Create a progress screen with a progress bar if you like. You can get one from Then freeze the page. Then update a s needed, unfortunately there is no status field that can be looked up to establish the amount of progress, so you need to count the affected records and then update by looking up the current record number to establish current level of completeness. Then update how many of the progress bar repetitions you want to show as done. You will understand this comment after you look up a progress bar from Dunning.

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