Bar Chart on GNU Plot

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Trying to draw a barchart using gnuplot, but having some issues:

2. issues

The graph is black and white
I am not getting a proper graph

Here is my script for plotting the graph
set terminal latex
set output "scenario1.tex"
set boxwidth 0.75 absolute
set ytics rotate
set style fill solid 1 border -1
set style data histogram
set style histogram cluster gap 1
set ylabel "Total time"
set xlabel "Data Size"

plot "" using 1:2  title "Parallel-for" with boxes, \
"" using 1:3  title "Iterative MapReduce" with boxes
pause -1 "Hit any key to continue"

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my data file.  
371.10	44.708	239.797
742.17	47.667	310.801
1113.26	50.715	391.108
1484.34	59.769	472.398

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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software Engineer

What do you expect it to look like? What do you get instead?


A bar chart. but the scaling is very poor and the background is messy as well.. Can it do better?


I want to scale proper so that the red bar does not look as if its all on the same value.
Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software Engineer

The output doesn't match exactly what you posted. Can you post *exactly* what you used to make this chart?
Try to manually set y axis limits:
set yrange [0:500]

What do you mean the background is messy? You don't want grids? Want another color? Want better resolution?

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